Kate Douglas Parkin founded Sparking Minds to keep kids engaged and learning over the summer.

Even the strongest students lose some academic ground as a result of “the summer slide.” Studies show that students return to school in the fall having lost computational and reading skills. Parents have the best intentions of ensuring that their kids read and practice math over the summer, but all too often it becomes a battle, or shifts to the back burner in favor of summer routines that leave little time for learning.

Relieve the pressure and bring in an expert once a week to ensure your child is learning and having fun. Kate will design an engaging curriculum that is perfect for your child, check in frequently, and take the pressure off so you can focus on the rest of your summer plans.

With three packages designed to meet the needs of learners entering grades 3 through 10, Sparking Minds allows you to take action now to ensure that your fall will be smooth sailing. Let Kate provide the structure, skill set, and motivation needed to ensure your child stays on top of summer reading, makes progress in an area needing support (reading, writing, or math), or further explores a passion through guided learning.

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